Monday, April 16, 2007

Signs Don't Vote!!!

Tomorrow, Chrissy Welch and his crew of gangsters will go packing. Sources tell the highlighter2 that Chrissy Welch is very nervous about the election tomorrow. Chrissy Welch, the mediocre attorney who was raised by a pack of wolves, works for James J. Roche and Associates. Sources tell the highlighter2 that Chrissy Welch will be fired tomorrow if he loses control of SD209 school board. Since losing the State Representative election against State Rep. and Committeeman Karen Yarbrough, Chrissy Welch is having difficulty finding and keeping clients. Mr. James J. Roche is refusing to keep Chrissy Welch on his payroll while he tarnishes his law firms reputation. Sources say Welch is forcing the janitors at SD209 to work the polls or else.

Can someone tell Chrissy Welch that signs don't vote? Will Chrissy Welch start practicing law out of his $500,000 house in Hillside that was paid for by taxpayers?

Monday, April 9, 2007

PTSA Candidate Forum...

Meet the D209 candidates on April 12, 2007 at PMSA, 7pm.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Vote For Change April 17!!!...

The Citizens For Better Schools website is

District 88 Families First

Antonette "Toni" Dorris- Punch #47

Dorothy Smith-Punch #48

John Wicks, Sr.-Punch #49

District 89 Advocates For All Children

Leonor Sanchez-Punch #48

Donna Miller-Punch #53

Regina Rivers-Punch #54

Duane Black-Punch #55

Arbdella "Della" Patterson-Punch #56

District 209 Education Reformers

Ralph W. Harris-Punch #62

Kevin R. McDermott-Punch #64

Theresa Kelly-Punch #65

Saturday, March 31, 2007

SD88 Superintendent Nichelle Rivers Set-up and Suspended!!!

Sources emailed the provisohighlighter2 and telling the highlighter that SD88 Technology Coordinator, Al Stamps, secretly sent the inappropriate porn photos found on Principal Glover's district issued computer to the news stations. Sources say Al Stamps is close friends with SD88 school board member Ronald Anderson and SD209 School Board President Chrissy Welch. Sources tell the Highlighter that Chrissy Welch planned this set-up after he was fired twice from SD88 as attorney( who billed the district $225,000 in a five month period) . Chrissy Welch, the Insider, had it out for Superintendent Nichelle Rivers since his embarrassing departure from SD88. Sources tell the Highlighter that Chrissy Welch and Ronald Anderson knew that if these photos were found by Superintendent Rivers, she would immediately take action against Principal Glover and they will be able to use that against her.

Principal Glover was also warned about the porn photos back in November 2006, after Al Stamps did a random sweep of District 88 employee computers. Sources tell the Highlighter that Al Stamps suggested the sweep to Superintendent Rivers but she had no idea that Al Stamps, Ronald Anderson and Chrissy Welch are close friends. Also, Principal Glover has a suspended license for a DUI.

Do you know Al Stamps? If Superintendent, what would you do if your "elementary" school Principal had pornography on his computer and was charged with a DUI ? What do you think about Chrissy Welch and his revenge tactics/schemes? Would you want Principal Glover to be your child's principal? How many warnings do Principal Glover need?

Friday, March 30, 2007

Stan Fields is on his way OUT!!!...

Sources have emailed the provisohighlighter 2 at with copies of emails from SD209 School Board Member Theresa Kelly requesting Mr. Fields to add items to the monthly school board meeting agenda. Mr. Fields ignores such requests by Mrs. Kelly until the deadline has passed for items to be added to the agenda. Mrs. Kelly emailed Mr. Fields on February 2nd, 7th, 12th, and 14th requesting, "The Proviso East Alumni Wall of Fame", be placed on the agenda for the February 19, 2007 board meeting. Mr. Fields continued to ignore these emails until February 16th at 11:38 a.m. stating "BOE agenda is finalized 12pm Wednesday preceding the mtg". What an ASS!!! Did Mr. Fields forget that he initiated this discussion at the September 2006 SD209 Board Meeting. Mr. Fields and School Board President Chrissy Welch screamed at Mrs. Kelly, "Show us the money, it's illegal". Mr. Fields also mocked Mrs. Kelly because she used the term "skeptical" instead of "spectacle".

Mrs. Kelly's latest email, dated March 14, 2007, requesting the same item to be added for March 19, 2007 board meeting. Mr. Fields responded March 16, 2007, yet this item was not added to the agenda.

The proviso highlighter received a copy of the complaint filed by Mrs. Kelly that was sent to Mr. Fields regarding election fraud, candidate tampering, and civil rights violation. SD209 Business Manager, Nikita Giraffe Johnson, escorted her aunt, Candidate Robin Foreman, up to the 5th floor at PMSA before office hours while Mrs. Kelly waited patiently on the 1st floor to file petitions for the upcoming school board election in April 2007.

Mrs. Kelly writes,

Date: 2/6/2007
To: Stan Fields
Cc: Board of Education, Illinois School Board Association, Illinois Association of School Boards, State of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County Clerk David Orr
From: Theresa Kelly
RE: Statement regarding Election fraud, Candidate filing tampering & Civil Rights Violations
On January 26, 2007, I called Sharon Willis, Stan Fields secretary and left a message. I also left a message for Stan Fields, both neglected to return my calls. Eventually, I contacted Marlene McBrien to confirm the location of where the election petitions were to be filed. I contacted Marlene McBrien due to the fact that the letter generated by the Superintendent’s office (Letter to Prospective Board Candidates) was incomplete and did not state the exact floor or room number of the filing office, which would be standard and professional. You will find this to be a direct contradiction to the memorandum issued by Stan Fields on 02/01/2007. To add to this, Stan Fields statements regarding the board meeting on 11/20/06 is irrelevant and does not relate to the specific subject of petition filing that was to take place on 1/29/2007. I have attached copies of both letters in my statement.
On January 29, 2007 at 7:00 am, I arrived at PMSA with Ralph Harris (candidate), entered the building, and was immediately met by Brandon Gale (Director of Security). Brandon Gale advised us to have a seat in the designated waiting area in front of the business office. I engaged Brandon Gale and told him that per my conversation with Marlene McBrien, the petitions were to be filed on the 5th floor in room 517, Marlene McBrien’s office. Brandon Gale informed me that my information was incorrect. Per Brandon Gale, petitions were to be filed at the 1st floor business office. Brandon stated that we were in the correct area and chairs were set up on Friday specifically as a waiting area for potential candidates. I questioned Brandon again, and he assured me that we were in the right place. So myself and Mr. Harris took a seat in the area designated by Brandon Gale.
After sitting for 25 minutes and conversation with Mr. Harris about this situation, I decided to go to the 5th floor, just to confirm that the information we received from Brandon Gale was correct. I walked over and proceeded to call for an elevator to transport me to the 5th floor. Brandon Gale noticed me waiting for the elevator and rushed over to question me. I told Brandon Gale that I was going to the 5th floor to make sure the information he gave us was correct. Brandon Gale replied that I could not go to the 5th floor because, "the 5th floor is locked". I replied to Brandon Gale, that "I just wanted to check". During this conversation with Brandon Gale, Nakita Johnson (Business Manager) and her Aunt, Robin Foreman walked in from a non-designated opposite entrance and proceeded to wait for the elevator to take to the 5th floor. Nakita Johnson, her Aunt Robin Foreman and I exchanged pleasantries and they proceeded to take the elevator to the 5th floor. I told Brandon Gale, that Robin Foreman is a candidate for the board and he replied, "I don’t know her". After this exchange, I again told Brandon Gale that I was going to the 5th floor. Again, he said no, stopped me and stated that he would go check and let us know where to go. I went back to the designated area and joined Dr. Charles Flowers, Robert Harris, Kevin McDermott and Janice Johnson while we waited for Brandon Gale.
At approximately 7:30 am, Dr. Flowers asked Carmella Johnson if she would find out where we are supposed to file our petitions. Carmella Johnson stated that she would find out and give us the information. Subsequently, Carmella Johnson never returned. After waiting for Carmella, to no avail, we asked Stark King ( Business Director) if he knew where we are supposed to file and he replied that he thought that we were in the right place and offered to get us coffee. As suggested, we waited.
At approximately 7:45 am, Brandon Gale returned to tell us we were in the right place and Sharon Willis would be down shortly. Dr. Flowers asked Brandon Gale about Robin Forman, Nakita Johnson’s Aunt. Brandon Gale informed us that she would be coming down also.
At approximately 8:05 am, Brandon Gale returned and informed us that we had to go to the 5th floor to file our petitions and that he would escort us. I stated to Brandon Gale that "I told you in the beginning that we were to go upstairs to the 5th floor". Brandon Gale gave no response. Eventually, we arrived to file our petitions in room 517 with Brandon Gale and tried to enter, but the door was locked. Brandon Gale then contacted Marlene McBrien who came from an opposite door, through the hallway and proceeded to let us in through the designated entrance. Upon walking in, we found Sharon Willis checking the petitions of Robin Foreman, Nakita Johnson’s Aunt. We also noticed that Sharon Willis was on Robin Foreman’s 2nd batch of petitions, which means that that Sharon Willis and Marlene McBrien started the process With Robin Foreman, Nakita’s Aunt before the designated time of 8:00 am. Dr. Flowers questioned Brandon Gale about his role in this process and he stated that, they told him to do it. Upon further questioning, he stated that Nakita Johnson told him to hold us downstairs until further notice.
Nakita Johnson’s office and her secretary Marlene McBrien’s office are set up as adjoining rooms separated by a common door. Due to Marlene McBrien’s office door being locked, the only entrance to the petition filing room was through Nakita Johnson’s door. This is how her Aunt, Robin Foreman gained entrance to the filing room. Without the consent of Nakita Johnson, Marlene McBrien, and Sharon Willis would not have the authority to start the filing process. Furthermore, without Nakita Johnson’s unauthorized visitor’s entrance (Robin Foreman bypassed the visitor’s log, which all visitors are required to sign, escorted by Nakita Johnson) Robin Foreman would not have gained access and attained an unfair advantage for herself and her slate.
Robin Foreman submitted petitions for 4 candidates from her party which happens to be the slate backed by the current school board president Emmanuel "Chris" Welch.
Per the information I have stated, District 209 administration and staff including the office of the Superintendent, conspired and attempted to commit election fraud and purposefully tamper with the candidates filing process to give Nakita Johnson’s Aunt, Robin Foreman and her slate of candidates, an illegal and unfair advantage in the ballot positioning lottery. Per the rules stated in the "incomplete" letter to "Prospective School Board Candidates", "In the event that two or more candidates qualify for this "simultaneous filing", a lottery will be held to determine the order of their names on the ballot". With the conspired actions perpetrated by the Superintendents office down to the Director of Security, the aim was to keep myself and other potential candidates away from room 517 until after 8am, that way Nakita Johnson could sneak her Aunt, Robin Foreman into the filing room so that she and her slate of candidates, backed by the school board president could receive the first 4 slots on the ballot by default. This is inherently dishonest and a direct violation of our civil rights. This also draws into question the actions of the school board president, the superintendent, the superintendent’s secretary, the business director, the business manager, the business manager’s secretary, and the director of security.
Per Stan Fields’ memorandum dated February 1, 2007, he stated, "I am fully responsible for the communication and execution of the BOE candidate filing protocol". Per Stan Fields own admission, he has accepted responsibility for the "execution and communication" which, in essence implicates his office and staff with making a high level attempt to violate the civil rights of prospective school board candidates. Due to the reprehensible actions by the superintendent’s office, I have zero confidence in his objectivity and integrity. This dishonest attempt to commit election fraud should not be limited to a review or investigation solely by the Superintendent’s office due to their involvement. Therefore, I am requesting an investigation of the facts by the offices listed in the cc.
Theresa L. Kelly
District 209 Board Member

Why is Superintendent Stan Fields ignoring School Board Member Theresa Kelly? Is Mr. Fields displaying honesty and fairness in his practices as Superintendent? Can you trust Mr. Fields to better our schools since he continues to ignore the law? Who does Mr. Fields work for? Chrissy Welch??? What do you think of Mr. Field's anal behavior? Will the new Regional Superintendent Charles Flowers give Mr. Fields the boot?

Is the Proviso Insider a Pervert ???..

The Proviso Insider, Chrissy Welch, is criticizing SD88 Superintendent Nichelle Rivers for standing up and protecting our children from Principal Paul Glover. Obviously, the Insider doesn't have kids and can careless about the safety of our kids at SD88. Some parents are upset with Superintendent Rivers requesting Principal Glover's termination because he is well-liked throughout the community. However, sexual predators are often friendly and very involved with children before they strike. The old saying, "It's always a first time", is a true statement. Superintendent Rivers is only looking out for the best interest of the children at SD88. Principal Glover has issues that need to be addressed. Principal Glover is not working in a factory away from children. He is a "Principal" of a elementary school and his "porn site" hobbies is inappropriate behavior and should not be tolerated at a school district.

UPDATE: According to the news story at, one of the pictures on his computer featured a woman dressed in a school girl's uniform.

Is it acceptable for school personnel to look at porn sites while working around children? Would you want a Superintendent that support this type of perverted behavior? Is Principal Glover so addicted to porn that he could not wait until he got home everyday to view these perverted sites?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SD88 Principal Paul Glover Suspended With Pay...

McKinley Principal Paul Glover is suspended with pay until further notice. Sources say Principal Glover stored inappropriate photos on his district issued computer. Superintendent Nichelle Rivers quickly took action against Principal Glover to protect him from our children at SD88.

What do you think about the inappropriate photos that Principal Glover stored on his district issued computer? Did these photos include underage girls or boys? Should SD88 fire Principal Glover?