Monday, April 9, 2007

PTSA Candidate Forum...

Meet the D209 candidates on April 12, 2007 at PMSA, 7pm.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wicks does have a fowl mouth but I think you are full of SH?T!!!!

Political observations said...

Does Welch's policy satisfy the George Costanza criterion? In recent times Welch's strategy has been guided by a new kind of doctrine, named after not its author but its exemplar: the Costanza doctrine.
This doctrine, influential, recalls the classic episode of the TV comedy Seinfeld, “The Opposite”, in which George Costanza temporarily improves his fortunes by rejecting all the principles according to which he has lived his life and doing the opposite of what his training indicates he should do. As Jerry tells him: “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”
Emboldened, he tries a counter-intuitive pick-up line on an attractive woman: “My name is George. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.” At the end of their date, when she invites him up to her apartment, he demurs, cautioning that they do not know each other well enough. “Who are you, George Costanza?” the lady asks. Replies George: “I’m the opposite of every guy you’ve ever met.”
The Welch policy pursued by the Welch,Bruno,Moore,Cross,Mazzulla and Pasqaule satisfies the Costanza criterion: it is the opposite of every political doctrine the world has ever seen.
In “The Opposite”, George breaches the most fundamental laws in his universe – for example, the age-old principle that “bald men with no jobs and no money, who live with their parents, don’t approach strange women”.
Similarly, in its geopolitical incarnation, adherents to the Costanza doctrine cast aside many of the fundamental tenets they learnt at staff college or graduate school. Let me name a few.
First, political resources are finite and should be directed towards your greatest priority.
Second, take care not to weaken your intimidatory allies through poor politcal performance.
Third, you get by with help from friends. Although the powerful are sometimes tempted to go it alone, political support helps determine the perceived legitimacy of an action, which affects its risk and costs. Building this support requires discussion and compromise. The opposite would be to spurn real negotiations, slough off your allies, reject agreements you do not like and declare that you are not bound by the rules that govern everyone else.
Sixth, politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. If two dangerous warring political groups are struggling for dominance of a region, maintaining a balance between them may be the least worst option. The opposite would be to emasculate one of them, thereby greatly increasing the relative power of the other.
Finally, historians often cite the need for prudence in relationships, “First, do no harm.” The opposite would be: “Don’t think too much, just chance your arm and see what happens!”
There is a moment in “The Opposite” when George Costanza pre-empts some hooligans making a ruckus at the movie theatre: “Shut your mouths or I’ll shut ’em for ya. And if you think I’m kidding, just try me. Try me! Because I would love it!”
For a while, that kind of method worked – for both George and Welch and his allies. Then normal service resumed. The Costanza doctrine is all about hope, but when it comes to making your way, in the world, experience is the better guide.

Anonymous said...

Welch is a desperate pathethic punk!

How desperate is Chris Welch?

He is so desperate, he will suck his own DICK!

And don't forgot Gene Moore's!

Anonymous said...

Pot Kettle Black, it seems you guys are just a little pissed off, because this letter from a former co-worker seems to hit a little hard to home

Maybe that's Why it seems it's been deleted so many times by Wicks and company

JW's what are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Hey Yanez, take your plagraism else where

Why dont' you plagarize somewhere else okay

You are out of control, when you can't put together an orginial thought

Moore,Welch,Sloan doctrine failed! said...

I wish Don Sloan and Chris Welch,along with Brian Cross would go to there own web site(PROVISO INSIDER) to rant and rave!Your depserate actions and your hopeless ranting is ridiculous!
The post on the George Constanza crtierion must of hit home for you three fat,lazy,stealin,lyin bums!!I guess the Constanza Doctrine really fit you guys!!!You guys,Welch,Sloan,Moore and Cross are dying to act the same way you used to by saying “Shut your mouths or I’ll shut ’em for ya. And if you think I’m kidding, just try me. Try me! Because I would love it!”
But you bums can't anymore because nobody wants to stand next too you 4 bums!!

Cross, you started the war,don't beg for forgiveness! said...

I am amazed to see the desperate actions taken by Welch and Moore with there video attacking Theresa Kelly!! The must be very scared and afraid of losing all there power and contracts and hush money. What really amazed me was that the video was done by Ashley publcity firm, and the voice of Robin Leach was of Brian Cross!!!!
Does'nt Brian Cross know what will happen to him and his political future and his lifen with all this hate and going out of his way to hurt people,older women, who have never harmed him??? Bad vibes brings bad vibes!!!Cross your a coward, I can't believe you went to catholic scvhool and i CAN'T believe you have stooped so low, I guess you worse than a loser, you just a failure as a man and as a human being!!!

Anonymous said...

John Wicks says

Chris Welch is a bitch, who has stolen from our children and rape our women of moral fiber through payment. Candice dates baller not bullshit artist unless the dollar is representative of the moment. Will she stay during the trial or clean his coffers? Stay tuned as secret video of her hand work is revealed? I heard it hard to suck a turtle's dick when it won't come out out of its shell. LOL Bitch made nigga!

88 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a good night on Tuesday Johnny You are going down my friend

what happens in the cover darkeness, always comes out in the daylight

Anonymous said...

Brian Cross is a gay swinger. His fat ass wife won first prize in the pit bull contest. Cross this is not the Probe. Who will you beg to take stuff off about your fat ass ugly dog face wife.

Chris really does like white meat.

Carl Nyberg said...

Brian Cross is a supporting cast member. He's not a candidate and he doesn't work for any of the local government entities in Proviso. He does PR work or something for the Recorder of Deeds.

What's the point of being rude to the family members of a supporting cast person?

It just makes you look petty.

Bitchy Chrissy fears Theresa Kelly said...

Wow...this is unprecedented in a local school board election!

If I was Theresa Kelly, I would feel smitten...Theresa Kelly has now been ordained as the biggest threat to Bitchy Chrissy and his majority school board regime.

How scared and pathetic is Bitchy Chrissy? He's going all out to protect His and Eugene's interest.

"Folk wisdom" is what "Folk wisdom" does...

The Education Reformers still have my vote:

Theresa Kelly
Ralph Harris
Kevin McDermott

Lil man stan said...

Flowers calls for change

As a member of the board of education for Proviso Township high schools, I have been part of the minority along with Theresa Kelly and Gary Marine. We have been the minority that has questioned the decisions and actions of the board majority, led by Christopher Welch that has failed our students, teachers, schools and residents.

I endorse the slate that includes Ralph Harris, Kevin McDermott and Theresa Kelly. I appreciate that the Forest Park Review endorsed Harris and McDermott, two of the candidates needed to change the leadership of the school board. However, without electing the full slate, you will be subjecting students and taxpayers to more of the same from Christopher Welch and the board majority--an employment agency for their families and friends and continued failure of our students!

Without changing the leadership of the board of education; I know from first hand experience that it would be foolish to expect that Christopher Welch would change how he has and continues to micromanage District 209!

The Forest Park Review's criticism of Mrs. Kelly and the board minority is misleading and baseless! The newspaper seems to want Mrs. Kelly and the board minority to take responsibility for district problems that have been created by decisions driven by the board majority! Did it bother you that the current superintendent and the board majority refused to terminate the pay for play contract of $160,000 to Eugene Moore, recorder of deeds? He receives a monthly check of $15,800 as the insurance broker for the district at the expense of needed programs for under performing students and increased medical insurance premiums for employees of the District! Imagine, Mr. Moore is rewarded for services that are and have never been rendered to the district! Please forgive and excuse my outrage for wanting to use our tax dollars for students!

Christopher Welch and the superintendent (or CEO when Welch placed the unqualified and rubber stamp of Robert Libka in charge that led to an additional $9 million in deficit spending and failure to seek approval from the full board of education $10,000 to attend a graduate program to obtain the superintendent's endorsement at Western Illinois University, during work hours!) sets the agenda for board meetings. How about committee reports that are chaired by the board majority that are and have never been reported on to the full board or public. Recently, until the legal department of the Illinois State Board of Education intervened to uphold district policy that ensures that all board members in District 209 shall enjoy placing items on the agenda, the practice by the superintendent (Stanley Fields) and board president Christopher Welch has been to shut out input from the board minority! This practice supports your assertion that "the last six or seven months we can count on one hand the number of times that the word 'student' was used by an incumbent board member." Shame on the superintendent and Chris Welch for producing a board agenda focused on contracts and employment for friends and family!

It is indeed unfortunate that the actions of the board majority taints the full board. What's even more criminal to our students and taxpayers is that the Students First Party (Robin Foreman, Carla Johnson, and Bob Cox) are purporting that they intend to stop the patronage hiring and play for pay politics! These candidates are supported by the current board majority (Christopher Welch, Sue Henry, Dan Adams, and Shirley Madlock) that supports these practices! Yet you warn Bob Cox not to get to close to any of the incumbent board members! Mr. Cox has already associated and joined himself with the primary board member (Christopher Welch) that has led our students to the lowest PSAE test scores in the almost 100 year history of District 209! We can not afford to continue to have individuals make recommendations and decisions in the best interest of our students based on blind faith and personal interests! The reality is that Bob Cox is running with a slate that has a candidate (Robin Foreman) who is the aunt of Nikita Johnson-business manager for District 209 and Carla Johnson, the mother of Eugene Moore's grandson - get the picture! To add insult to injury, this group in their second glossy brochure mailer to Proviso Township residents is advocating "the board must initiate a district wide reading program in our grammar schools." Excuse me, but wouldn't that be an initiative that the feeder school boards of education in cooperation with the superintendent initiate? Have they forgotten that they are candidates for District 209?

Having an individual at the table from a specific community in no way guarantees that they will represent what is best for students. What's important is that who ever sits at the table regardless of the community that they represent, understands that all decisions that are made for students representing the 10 communities of District 209 are driven by the following question: How does it impact student achievement and learning?

The most essential step is to get the board to function properly by selecting a new president and board members that truly put students first!

The only way to get a new president of the board of education is to elect Ralph Harris, Kevin McDermott and Theresa Kelly. All the other candidates in the race have committed to voting for Christopher Welch to remain as the leader of the board of education ... this includes Bob Cox!

The question that rest with all the stakeholders involved in District 209 is can and do the students and taxpayers deserve two more years of Christopher Welch leadership? The answer is absolutely, NO!

That being said, voters would do well to show Bob Cox the door!

Charles A. Flowers, Ed.D
District 209 Board of Education member,
Suburban Cook County Regional Superintendent of Schools - Elect

Michael Brooks said...

Power play

As everyone knows, our Proviso high school district is run by Chris Welch and his political friends--Melrose Park Mayor Ron Serpico and Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore. Prior to Welch and his friends taking over the school district, Proviso had never been placed on the state academic watch list. The proviso test scores have now hit rock bottom because money is going for political favors instead of education. The Proviso First Party, which includes Robert Cox, is controlled and funded by Welch and his friends. If even one of these candidates is elected, then Chris Welch will remain in control.

Chris Welch does have a backup plan, his name is Jim Boyd. Boyd is an ally of Welch and Eugene Moore. Jim Boyd was put in the race by Chris Welch and his friends for two reasons: to split up the vote in Westchester and perhaps to win, which would give Welch his fourth vote to remain in control of the school board.

In closing, if you want to see Chris Welch remain in control of our high schools then you should vote for Robert Cox and/or Jim Boyd. Personally, I would recommend voting for Welch's opposition--Harris, McDermott and Kelly.

Michael Brooks

Anonymous said...

You know what Nyberg you make a good point about Cross. His fat ugly ass wife has nothing to do with this. So, let's not talk about how the fat ugly cow bitch married a fag. Let's concentrate on Cross and Welch.

When I was apart of Gene Moore's organization I did not know that Cross was as evil and vile as he is. The voice portrayed on the video is clearly Brian Cross. Brian Cross is a coward and a punk. He is scared of his shadow and of any black man. Cross looks and smell like WHITE TRASH! HIs wife looks more like the family pet.

When the Kelly boys catch Cross I wonder what will happen to his fake as British accent.

Chris Welch will get people to do the things that will get their asses kicked. There was no beef with Cross, but now there is.


Anonymous said...

Does Brian Cross and Welch have a lovers relationship? I don't know any man that will do the stuff that Cross does for Welch, Who is sucking whose tits and dick?

yOU gO dR. mURPHY said...


I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Murphy on yesterday. she openly told me that she has seperated from the liar Chris Welch. Welch is guilty of fooling Mayor Frank again with his choice of a Bellwood candidate for SD209. Well I thought it was a bunch of BS myself until Dr. Murphy told me that she would not be mentioning her employment with SD209 on her Bellwood First Mail piece but instead she will be highlighting her past employment with SD88. I told her that it did not make sence to me but the Bellwood First Team and Dr. murphy herself no longer wants to be a part of anything that is attached to Welch because it is pure poison. She felt that if she mentions SD209 even though she is unopposed it would further dammage her reputation as a educator. Does not make much sence to me but if it was meant to be a slap in the face for Welch then I am glad for you Dr. Murphy. Cant wait to see the mail piece to see if you are truly telling the "TRUTH'"

Required reading for Josh Adams said...

This editorial was published in the Pioneer Press (Maywood Herald) on February 25, 2004.


What about education?

Proviso Township High School District 209 officials are once again putting politics ahead of students.

Theresa Kelly, vice president of the District 209 Board, has come under fire for her travel expenses over the last five years.

Kelly, who has spoken out against the way the $40 million magnet-school deal was orchestrated, apparently has become the subject of a letter-writing campaign that is targeting her for "taking trips at taxpayers' expense."

Such insinuations are trying to paint Kelly as sitting by a hotel pool while the respective conferences are going on inside. Such insinuations are unfounded. Kelly did attend conferences - an average of three per year - but no one has produced any evidence that she played hooky and turned the conferences into personal vacations.

In fact, Kelly, who is retired and has the time to attend educational conferences, makes the argument that her trips helped secure $7.5 million for the district in grants and such national programs as the Algebra Project.

District 209 officials admit that no district regulations were broken and that Kelly went on the trips with the blessing of the board and administration.

We have never been in favor of such trips. When school districts are cutting budgets, we feel that is one area they should always consider first. If District 209 officials want to, they should limit board members to one or two trips per year.

But the complaints against Kelly have gone too far already. She is being put under a microscope that we feel has far more to do with her political stances than with students being deprived of any educational opportunities.

Kelly should stand her ground. And board members in District 209 should focus on education - which is what they were elected to do.

Once again, there is nothing like information and public record...

Anonymous said...

Highlighter 2, what's happened?
No postings, and no information. If your planning to win, not only does it mean walking and knocking doors, but also blogging. You'll lose votes, when people see that you can't finish what you atarted. So I suggest, get on the blog and start writing, or else you just played us!

Press release said...
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Chris Call me, I think your hot! said...
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