Friday, March 30, 2007

Is the Proviso Insider a Pervert ???..

The Proviso Insider, Chrissy Welch, is criticizing SD88 Superintendent Nichelle Rivers for standing up and protecting our children from Principal Paul Glover. Obviously, the Insider doesn't have kids and can careless about the safety of our kids at SD88. Some parents are upset with Superintendent Rivers requesting Principal Glover's termination because he is well-liked throughout the community. However, sexual predators are often friendly and very involved with children before they strike. The old saying, "It's always a first time", is a true statement. Superintendent Rivers is only looking out for the best interest of the children at SD88. Principal Glover has issues that need to be addressed. Principal Glover is not working in a factory away from children. He is a "Principal" of a elementary school and his "porn site" hobbies is inappropriate behavior and should not be tolerated at a school district.

UPDATE: According to the news story at, one of the pictures on his computer featured a woman dressed in a school girl's uniform.

Is it acceptable for school personnel to look at porn sites while working around children? Would you want a Superintendent that support this type of perverted behavior? Is Principal Glover so addicted to porn that he could not wait until he got home everyday to view these perverted sites?


Anonymous said...

Glover needs to keep his porn at home, he obviously has too much time on his hands during the school day. Porn for lunch? He needs to go.

Anonymous said...

As a taxpayer I don't want any public employee spending time and using government assets to look at porn. We have academically challenged students that need help to learn. If he was a person of integrity he would resign.

stench in 88 said...

What is amazing and missing in this story is the role two Mayors and one trustee and two old,willy fixers are playing.Who I am speaking about is Mayor Pasqaule nd that joke of a person and mental midget,Mazzulla.Also the role of the proviso trustee Jesse"I think I'm qualified to be mayor" Martines and Danny Cogliniese and Chuck Baxter!
First, what the hell is Pasqaule doing? Everybody knows he is involved very closely in district 88 bussiness.He supports Tommy"pedophile" Miller,Ron"drug dealer and convict"Anderson,Marylin"I'm a crack whore"Thurman and Marie"the fat cleaning women at the adult bookstores from stone park"Casterjon.Pasqauel who is known as the Plantation owner of Bellwood should be outraged at the fact that Bellwood is being shown to the rst of the world as a village of idiots,has not steped in to trhy to fix things.Instead he is playing politics to try to remove from his plantation any influence from Karen Yarbrough and Charles Flowers!
Next is the township idiot,Ben "my greasy,smelly hair weighs more than my brain"Mazzulla, who only role is trying to steal money to support his dumb,failed GED ass from poverty! This clown,punk along with Burdi and Martines are the scum of the earth and are worse then a piece of shit, yet nobody calls them out when they have there illegal aliens running around with signs in support of child molesters and perverts!Mazzulla must go or better yet beaten down like the punk that he really is and never again allowed to hold a public office,instead he should go to the job he is qualified for,which is an attendent in an adult bookstore!Martines,who is the biggest unlce tom in the hispanic community,who refuses to run for mayor of stone park,yet wants to be mayor of melrose park(never will melrose park elect a high school dropout,unemployed hustler).Martines sent those stupid illegal aliens with signs,who should have been arrested for being here illegally and for being employees in stone park!Martines and Mazzulla also want to destroy yarbrough anbd flowers.
Finally Chuck"I need a drink"Baxter and Danny"I owne all the negroes"Coglinese are working hand in hand to destroy bellwood and working with pasqaule and mazzulla and martines in destroying our comunity and making surethere money is paid up monthly!

Anonymous said...

The Insider is a group of people, who are following a political agenda for there leader,Chris Welch. The writers are in no particular order,Chris Welch, Nicolle trottie,Lula Grenhouse,Mazzullo,Martines,and Cross!
And to anwser your question all these individuals are truely perverts and deviants who need to be in jail!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Welch is a pervert! Ask Nicole Trottie. Is she still singing like a bird or has Welch locked the rooster up in her cage?

Anonymous said...

How soes someone place an ad in Trottie's paper. I got $1,000 for the AD whore.

My ad will read:

Chris "the reptile" Welch is missing. If he is seen in the area call your local animal control center. We can't have LIZARDS roaming our streets.

Anonymous said...

In Welch's defense, he is ccurently in Atlanta planning to enjoy the NCAA final flour tournment, as well as planning to attend a $10,000 a person fund raiser held for Sen.Barack Obama on Sunday at the Atlanta Country Club sponsered by the Black elite of Atlanta,with King family in attendance,Andrew Young and Opra Winfrey and others of the black elite in this country.. Welch will return back tuesday morning.

Anonymous said...

One can only look at Welch's record and his close friend and political confidante Mazzulla and Martinez and see that yes they have promoted Glover and have help elect Tommy"pedophile" Miller and have given Miller jobs at 209 and as auxillary police in Stone Park!
Also Welch's close friend, the 40y/o Brian Cross who was the president of the young Democrats in Illinios which compromised a group of teenage democrats.
Sick,once all the other friends are noted.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:58 and 10:01... No. Welch is NOT a pervert and you couldn't afford space is the West Suburban Journal. nicole wouldn't take your money... You sound jealous. what a shame. chris won't touch you with a 10 foot pole? you can live vicariously thru Nicole and fantacize about being with welch - LOSER

Anonymous said...

Chris Welch is an honest and hard working attorney. He is a good person and only wants the best for Proviso students. I will continue to support and vote for Chris Welch!



Lil man Stan said...

To Welch's defense:

I too, know someone who is working on Barack Obama's campaign and has ties to Oprah...I will be sure to inform her of who Bitchy Chrissy is and his hate for Theresa Kelly.

If it's true...I'll nip that Shit in the bud...real fast.

Watch me!

Anonymous said...

you'll nip nothing in the bud. you'll shut up and read "O" magazine because that's about as close to Oprah as you will get. PLEEEZ

lil man stan said...

I don't make idle threats...if Bitchy Chrissy is trying to get close to Obama's campaign...I'll kill that noise with the quickness!

It's about information and who you me...If your information is true...I will nail the coffin on Bitchy Chrissy's Obama aspirations.

lil man stan said... I thought...

Obama is in Iowa...not in "Atlanta" as stated by someone earlier.

Barack Obama will not allow himself to be tarnished by the likes of Bitch Welch!

But for the a precautionary measure...I sent an email to my associate who's working in a high level position in Obama's campaign.

Any Obama aspirations that Bitchy Chrissy has is dead now.

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

JTDC Under Federal Investigation said...
I am a former co-worker of John Wicks, My friends have implored me not to do this, that it would cross the thin blue line, but I would not be able to sleep at night if I did not.

John Wicks is a Brutal Individual. He is part of the reason why the Juvenile Detention Center (Formerly known as the Audy Home) is under Investigation by the Federal Govenrment.

John encourages the children to fight, as if it was in a gladiator movie. He is a very sadistic man.

He has absolutely no place around vulernable children down at Roosevelt and Ogden, and he certainly has no place being a school board member.

I dont' have any idea who the other people are running, but the one thing I know is that if I lived in Bellwood, I sure as hell wouldnt' vote for that monster John Wicks.

Anonymous said...

John Wicks says

Chris Welch is a bitch, who has stolen from our children and rape our women of moral fiber through payment. Candice dates baller not bullshit artist unless the dollar is representative of the moment. Will she stay during the trial or clean his coffers? Stay tuned as secret video of her hand work is revealed? I heard it hard to suck a turtle's dick when it won't come out out of its shell. LOL Bitch made nigga!

88 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!